Why Cruz 2 Web Solutions?

We feel strongly about the internet being a place that is open to all, both consumers and businesses alike. We bring a top class service to our clients with dedication, pride and enthusiasm at realistic cost, with no hidden catches. 

We are entirely committed to ensuring that both the essence and the substance of your business or organisation is brought to the world, mainly via the medium of the internet, utilising the most up to date web technologies to acheive this aim.

Your Web site should...


  •     Clearly show what your company has to offer
  •     If the company offers a large number of products/services the most important should be prominently displayed
  •     The site's navigation(s) need to be intuitive & easy to use
  •     Points of contact need to be clearly visible
  •     Points of sales need to be simplistic and intuitive
  •     Site should not be cluttered with useless or marginal information
  •     Text should be inviting to read

It might sound simple, but how many sites do you see that encompass the above aspects while looking good at the same time? However, we do understand that not all web sites need to meet some/all of these aspects - some sites need to be more art than sales.

Developed & Polished

Many sites suffer from lack of design variation, a lack of imagination and/or development ability. For this reason, we feel it is important to design individual sub-pages for some of our projects. These can help your site from getting stale and we make sure they are not too different from one another, so as not to confuse potential customers.

Why us?

  • Unique approach
  • Excellent skill set
  • Quest for perfection

Get in touch

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