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We understand the importance of good eCommerce Internet Marketing and our eCommerce Marketing services are split into the following categories:

Comparison Shopping Websites

Comparison shopping websites allow you to list your products for sale in traffic-rich 3rd party websites. They are very effective at directing sales to your website and can be very quick at generating a return. Increase the exposure of your eCommerce Site by integrating with the world’s leading comparison websites.

Kick-Start SEO Package

Rather than jumping into a long-term SEO commitment, we have created a Kick-Start SEO package, designed to get your eCommerce website moving in the right direction immediately. Every website needs some form of marketing in order for it to be successful; don’t leave it to chance!

eCommerce SEO

Search Engine Optimisation is the best long-term method for marketing any eCommerce website. Find out how to optimise your website to increase the search results position for key-phrases and key-words relating to your products; get your website noticed by Google and other major search engines.

eCommerce PPC

Pay-Per-Click marketing is a fantastic way to boost your eCommerce sales quickly, even with a limited budget. Costs can be evaluated within a number of days to optimise conversions. Find out about our PPC marketing services and how we can increase traffic to your website to increase sales.

Email Marketing

Powerful email marketing via our own email list, of approx. 30,000 email addresses to promote your special offers. Our email list is owned and maintained by us and is growing by the day, if you would like to take advance of this direct marketing plan to boost your brand awareness, products and services, you must meet certain criteria, please contact us to discuss your requirements.

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